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Have you tried unsuccessfully to:

  • live a more healthy lifestyle?
  • Lose weight?
  • Sleep better?
  • Get more energy?
  • Show up in your life?

As an holistic occupational therapist, wellness educator and cancer survivor, I offer you a unique and personal perspective on health and wellness from a place of experience and empathy.

Let me help you become well. No programs, plans, or equipment necessary. Let’s get started…Today is the day you change your life!

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Recent Reviews

  • “Jeanne gives practical and easily-applied ideas that can be immediately incorporated into daily life. Rather than a 400-page treatise on diet and fitness that overwhelms the reader, she offers succinct ideas that can be applied today.”Trudy C.
  • The book is written in such a way that is easy to read and addresses many areas of our lives that may be keeping us from experiencing better health . . . Live Well. Be Well. is such a well-rounded and practical approach to better health.Shelly W.
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