Energy Work and Autoimmunity – Zero Balancing as a Powerful Modality For Healing

A gentle, yet profound hands-on therapeutic modality, Zero Balancing is a body-mind system of therapy that balances the relationship of energy and structure within the bones and tissues of the body. The result of a Zero Balancing session is the release of held physical and/or emotional tension and pain and the healthy discovery of a new level of integration.

The Founder of Zero Balancing, Fritz F. Smith, M.D., said “experience has shown that people’s lives feel smoother when they’re getting regular body-mind therapy; it’s an avenue toward discovering your true nature.”

As someone with autoimmune disease myself, and a Wellness Counselor who works with women who have chronic conditions, I see a common thread that is often more emotional than physical. Granted, navigating the intricacies of autoimmunity is challenging at best and can leave a person depleted and discouraged in her search for answers. But also, chronic illness sufferers are often relentless warriors and avid researchers with a fight in them that is unmatched!

Stress or a stressful, traumatic event is often the catalyst for an autoimmune condition manifesting. Often sufferers are givers, open hearts, selfless and hard working – women who often put the needs of everyone else before their own. They don’t take time to take care of their physical, emotional or spiritual needs. Eventually their bodies tap out and say, “You’re on your own lady!”

I have repeatedly found that the unspoken core belief of women with chronic illness is that they don’t value themselves. They don’t believe that they are worth the time or money to get well. After all, they have been told countless times by countless doctors that their symptoms are all in their head; they’re fine; they just need to relax; take this medicine and go away…

If we don’t believe we have worth, it doesn’t matter what healing diet we follow or what supplements we take, we will not get well! This is where a bodywork like Zero Balancing can be transformational – allowing the gentle release of emotional tensions and unhealthy thought patterns, both conscious and subconscious.

Energy work like Zero Balancing (ZB) is a great facilitator of healing and it is gentle enough to be tolerated by people in physical pain. Aligning energy with structure enhances the body’s natural healing processes and supports optimum health. The release of emotional tensions and unhealthy patterns is an amazing benefit of ZB – a gift, really – allowing for internal balance and harmony to be restored.

Ideally, a Zero Balancing session releases stress and tensions within the body and mind, relieves symptoms caused by energetic or structural imbalance, and encourages integration and stabilization through strategically placed fulcrums (gentle finger pressure, similar to acupressure) into foundational areas including the spine, hips, feet, and neck. It is truly a wonderfully healing experience.

Energy is then freed up to move through the densest tissues – bones and joints – dissolving limiting and uncomfortable patterns of all kinds, thereby releasing the energy of the one receiving treatment back into them.

A typical ZB session is refreshing and deeply relaxing. The client is fully dressed and positioned comfortably on a massage table, on their back. It takes 40-50 minutes and reestablishes ones sense of comfort with life. It seems that once emotional blocks are released, the body is free to do the work of healing the physical.

Dr. Smith found that mental and physical health are dependent on a relationship to structure and that for the optimum health to occur, the energy and physical body must function in alignment.

If you’re struggling with autoimmunity or another chronic health condition, or if you just want to open yourself up to a healthier integration of mind and body, I’d encourage you to seek out a seasoned energy practitioner in your area.

Live well. Be well. Love abundantly.


Notes: Although I am a licensed health practitioner: an Occupational Therapist, Zero Balancing Practitioner and Wellness Consultant, all info presented here is for educational purposes only and not intended to be medical advice. Please contact your personal healthcare provider before beginning any new treatment or program. The information presented here is from personal experience as a practitioner and patient and from the Zero Balancing Association.

I work primarily with women in my practice which is why this post uses her and she 🙂 



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