Are You Ready To Thrive?

Join me as I share 4 healing habits that will transform your health. My heart is to help women live well with autoimmune and other chronic conditions. This video course is designed to help you on your healing journey.

You will have lifetime access to these transformative lessons that I’ve learned, while managing my own chronic illness.

As a lifestyle integration specialist, I can say with confidence that you can live a beautiful & inspired life with your chronic illness!

Are you ready to make that shift to wellness? Let today be the day your new life begins!

What You’ll Learn

Healing Habit # 1 – Nutrition
  • What to eat
  • How to eat – mindful eating
  • Organic vs. conventional
  • Are you suffering from chronic dehydration?
  • Sugar, the poison in your pantry
  • The top 3 healing habits to start today!
Healing Habit #2 – Movement
  • That elusive one thing
  • How to move and what to choose
  • Functional fitness & the ergonomics of daily life
  • Weights vs. resistance bands
  • When exercise isn’t healthy
  • 1 thing you must do everyday
Habit #3 – Stinking Thinking
  • STRESS and your mental hygiene
  • Your thoughts are making you sick
  • No one can make you mad without your permission
  • Who is controlling your emotional health?
  • How to think like a healthy person
  • Beware the drama!
  • How much of your health are you willing to sacrifice?
Healing Habit #4 – Self-care
  • Heal your immune system while you sleep
  • Work boundaries
  • Rest and rejuvenate
  • Meditation
  • An electronic fast
  • Stock your self-care toolbox
  • A small glimpse inside my healing journey

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