How To Have A Restorative Home Spa Day

Hello Wellness Seekers! I hope you are finding joy on your healing journey today!

Having a home spa day is something I had only fantasized about… You know, taking an ENTIRE day for healing self-care, restoration and rejuvenation is just not something I could’ve ever imagined actually indulging in. Are you with me? Well… after doing this only ONE TIME, I’m hooked! And, I totally and completely think EVERYONE should be doing this at least once a month!

It started out completely by accident. I had been feeling pretty unwell for more than 2 weeks – like on the verge of coming down with something, but never actually getting full-on sick. I found myself canceling plans on what turned out to be a dreary and cold day. I knew if I didn’t STOP, I’d likely go into an autoimmune flare, and I sure didn’t want that!

Home Spa Day 101

I started the day with juicing – Organic carrots, green apples, lime & oranges.

Next, I did some restorative yoga for arthritis. I found this on You Tube. There are many options from which to choose – just do a search. Because I have decreased range of motion in my wrists and shoulders due to ankylosing spondylitis, I  was so happy to find a routine that I did not have to modify and that didn’t include any on-all-fours poses.

Gentle resistance training followed, using bands and my Total Gym.

A simple nutrient dense lunch was on the menu for me that included a veggie soup, fresh juice, pure water and chicken.

My hair has been so dry and a bit lifeless so I did a moisturizing hair treatment of warmed coconut oil mixed with peppermint & rosemary essential oils. I worked this into my hair and put it up in a towel for 2 hours while I sipped herbal tea, colored in my stress-relief coloring books and rested. You could also do a mani/pedi during this time. You will need to wash your hair twice to get all the oil out :).

With my hair up, I concocted a moisturizing avocado & honey facial and left it on for 30 minutes.

A steam treatment for the face would be an awesome addition to your home spa day. Boil some water, pour it into a bowl, add 2 drops lemon essential oil and maybe 1 drop of eucalyptus, cover your head with a towel and let the steam nourish your face! It also does wonders for sinus congestion 😉

Indulging in a lavender and peppermint foot soak with Epsom Salts is a great way to pass the time while your hair is being nourished. You could watch your favorite movie at the same time – Oh the possibilities!! My new favorite movie is Brooklyn, by the way. I just LOVE it!

Onto the shower treatment… Like I said, you’ll have to wash your hair twice to get the oils out. But oh, how soft and lovely it will be! I made an gentle exfoliating wash for the shower scrub that included: aloe vera gel, olive oil, baking soda and rosemary & peppermint essential oils.

Moisturizing & nourishing the skin came immediately following the shower. I mixed magnesium oil with softened coconut oil, lavender essential oil & a bit of vitamin E oil. In my dry climate, my skin soaked it in like a sponge so I was very generous in applying this lovely mixture.

Why Spend The Time?

A day like this is a luxury. But one that will feed and restore your soul. It is so worth it to invest this time into your health and well-being & it costs nearly nothing, which is an added bonus! Self-care is NOT selfish! This would be a fantastic mother/daughter activity or maybe even a girls-night-in event.

I did not include specific recipes, as I was just winging it on this particular day, doing what I felt I really needed but had long neglected. Your spa day may look very different.  has many great ideas & recipes for all things herbal and natural as does I also love

What Are You Doing?

Are Spa days a part of your regular self-care routine? Are you planning to do one or host one?

I’d love to know what you include. Please let me know – sharing ideas is so much fun!

Until next time,

Live well. Be well. Love abundantly!



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