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Supplies are limited since I personally hand-craft each salve in my healing kitchen.

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green salve




baby bottom



As one who desires to reduce the toxic load in my personal space, I hand-craft all my healing salves in my healing kitchen & use all organic ingredients. All salves are made with organic avocado and coconut oils, beeswax & vitamin E oil.

My journey to creating natural products began with having skin cancer and breast cancer in the same year and continued as my health declined with autoimmune arthritis (that manifested following a traumatic shoulder injury and subsequent surgery), inflammatory bowel disease & hypothyroidism. I manage these conditions primarily with a healing diet and supportive lifestyle interventions.

First, I learned all I could about essential oils and non-toxic cleaning products. I wanted make products myself to support my health and the health of my family. Then I started learning about herbs and herbal remedies. It really is a creative outlet for me.

I’ve been amazed at how these salves have helped so many people. From minor cuts, scratches, bumps and rashes to bone and muscle pain and more serious wounds.

After the arrival of our first grandson, I created  the Baby Bottom salve. It’s not just for bottoms though. It’s been used on skin irritations and cradle cap plus on mama’s belly and stretch marks in addition to a salve for nipple cracking after childbirth.

How to get these beauties…

Because these salves are made by me personally, and not mass produced, I create batches about three times a year. This is why supplies are always limited. Please click on the photos about to purchase your salve.